Saturday 7 May 2016

Old Friends

This morning I spoke to a friend I hadn't spoke to in years. Ok we didn't speak we messaged but whatever the technicalities on how the conversation happened. A conversation happened.

I've mentioned my friendship group before. My 'star friends'. The four of us have been besties since school although originally there were five.

Anyway I had to get in touch with the 5th friend about something I'd been putting off for a while really, and the whole situation got me thinking.

There were no hard feelings or anything, we'd just drifted apart. That's totally ok and normal especially while growing up, things change. However the longer we'd left not getting in touch with each other the harder it seemed to get.

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Now I'm not trying to say everyone should get in touch with old friends. Sometimes there's a reason people aren't in your life anymore. I was super nervous about taking that first step and saying hi but I actually feel pretty good about it.

Things most likely won't go back to how they were and I'll always treasure the friendship we had way back when. At least the doors now open though. I guess we'll see what happens.

So if you've been thinking about getting in touch with an old friend, I'd certainly give it a go. It may go great. It may not. At least it'll get rid of any 'what ifs'.

Drifted apart from friends?
Would you consider getting in touch again?



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