Monday 29 September 2014

Tattoos and ootd

Statistics show that One in five British adults now has a tattoo, that's 20% !! Yet despite the evergrowing popularity, tattooed people still face discrimination.

Tattooed people are often ( depending on their line of work ) told to cover up. Personally I've never had a problem with work and my visible tattoos, but I've heard plenty of stories from those that have.

Is it fair? I mean aslong as your ink isn't offensive. If two people are equally qualified and able to do the job, why is someone ink free more employable?

Generally speaking I've always found my tattoos to be an ice breaker when meeting and talking to people. I love each and every tattoo I have and am in no way ashamed of them. They're a part of me.

Tattoos and body modifications have hit the mainstream. No longer the trademark of bikers, sailors and prisoners, the tattooed nation includes respected doctors, lawyers, soldiers, teachers and so on. Although not everyone appreciates the art form, ( the world would be boring if we were all the same ) snobbery, judgement and discrimination is un called for. A tattooed person could save your life one day.

'The only difference between tattooed and non tattooed people is .... Tattooed people don't judge you for not being tattooed'

^^ some of my ink

So repping the tattooed nation.. Check out my outfit of the day.

Hoodie - womens lightweight 'big ink' hoodie by inkaddict in 'gold'

sorry I couldn't insert actual link just copy and paste into your web bar

$37 approx £23 and ships to UK

Jeans - New Look (old but I'm sure they have simaler in stores now)

             Face of the day

Pretty natural look today

Base / foundation
miss sporty- Morning Baby! BB cream multi action skin perfecting makeup, shade 001 Nude radiance 

New kid cosmetics- i-drama Ultimate Lash defining mascara 

Carmex- moisture plus lip balm in menthol

Yay or nay ?? Are you an ink lover ??

Lots of love xxx

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Nail Love for Barry M

I'm a level 2 qualified nail tech, It's a true beauty passion of mine. I love long natural polished nails. Gel polishes and salon done shellac being my absolute favourite. I tend not to get fake extensions done: Although occasionally I will get an overlay.

Barry M cosmetics, nail polishes are my favourite, high street / drugstore brand. O.P.I and shellac polishes are my favourite Proffesional or salon brands.

Some of my Barry M collection ^^

As I said earlier Barry M are my favourite affordable for everyone brand. Usually priced around £3-5 and often on offer in places such as superdrug. They're exceptional value for money. The formula is of a high quality, the application is easy and non streaky and the colour variety is exceptional aswell as the selection of finishes and effects, ie, silk, matte, glitter, texture, hi shine gel etc etc.

I'd recommend a base and topcoat ( also avaliable in the range ) to avoid staining and to extend the life of your nail polish, the reduction of chipping.

This evening I've been trying out an all matte finished look. Which if I'm honest isn't a look I tend to go for. 
Check it out ....

Matte Black 'Expresso' with a Matte Pink 'Miami' accent nail.

What do you think?

It's certainly a little different from my normal hi shine gel effect looks, but I like it.

Are you a fan of Matte effect nails?
And what's your favourite nail polish brand? Do you love Barry M as much as me?

Let me know lovelys


Saturday 20 September 2014

I couldn't live without..

It's a question we've all asked ourselves at some point ... What couldn't I live without?

Obviously I love my family and friends. I also love the internet and my iPhone, but I was thinking of the more trivial things I love in my life. Those little things that make my day brighter,my little luxuries that I'd want on a desert island. 

Without further adue 5 products I couldn't ( well wouldn't want to ) live without ...

1) Lucozade Energy... There's a variety of flavours but Pink Lemonade is my absolute fave. I tend to sip lucozade through out the day, I have a few bottles scattered round my home open and on the go. Not only is it yummy but I suffer with hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar ) so it can literally be a lifesaver.. Comas aren't cool.

2) Face Masks... Montagne Jeunesse are great value for money and my midweek treat. I love the self heating and fruity ( mainly berry ) varieties best. Perfect for a little me time.

3) My Camera.. Yes I'm that annoying girl who's always got a camera in your face. I'm a big fan of capturing the moment and my front room is filled with framed pics of my nearest and dearest. I love to look back and reminisce. Plus I find pictures and videos really help me document the achievements and progress I've made in life.

4) Contact Lenses.. I really don't like wearing my glasses and genuinely couldn't imagine not having contacts in my life. There quick, comfy and allow me to even change my eye colour to suit my mood. My coloured green lenses are amaze ( I have brown eyes naturally ).
I get mine at  and you can get 10% off your first order by using the code below.

5) onesies... When onesies first became a thing I admit it took me some time to jump on the bandwagon. They just made me think of an overgrown baby. Now.. I couldn't imagine not having a wardrobe full of them. There soooo comfy and perfect for chilling out and lazing about in.

^^ my fave onesie at the mo :-) (apologies for the poor pic I've been poorly lately)

So what could you lot not live without? Let me know ...

Lots of love xxx

Disclaimer : These are all products I genuinely love and purchase with my own money :-) this isn't a sponsored post and I receive no payment for mentioning the products shown

Tuesday 16 September 2014


When it comes to friendships I believe in a case of quality over quantity. We may have hundreds in some cases thousands of friends on Facebook. How many of those would you actually want to go for a drink with? Or invite around your house? Like seriously how many do you even talk to?

I can safely say I can count my true friends on one hand. Ok there's always someone around the city I live to hang around with, I'm not short of invites for night outs, but true best friends ? I've had the same ones since school. ( and believe me I was hardly even at school )

Best friends are the ones that have seen you at your absolute worst. Seen you drunk ,crying, when your hair's not done, you've no make up on, your house is a tip and you're being a bitch for no reason. There the ones that even after all that still wanna hang out with you.

I've made a list of qualities needed in a group of best friends ( or at least I need in my group ) Like why would you even have friends without these qualities ?

Someone needs to be the organiser of the group
you need someone who genuinely doesn't mind being the hostess
At least one friend needs to live near the nightlife and provide a base for girls nights out.
No point being shy ( true best friends are way past this ) discussing sex toys, bodily functions and embarrassing stories, these are the friends to have those conversations with.
These people understand I'm only going to pay for what I eat / drink ..NO I don't want to split the bill equally, I had a coke you had alcohol
Saying that, these are the only people I don't mind lending money to, or buying things for because they do the same and it all works out in the end 
Everyone needs that friend who says it like it is
Honest friends are a must there can't be any 'why did you let me out the house dressed like that?' moments... Being drunk or in a rush is no excuse for letting your friend look like shit
These friends must be 100% supportive on everything from major life decisions to the bitching of your shit friend they've never met....  'yes she is a pretty shit friend"'
Best friends should love you for just being you ... As I said earlier if they've seen you at your worst and still wanna be friends, your probably good.

I dedicate this post to my 3 best friends 

Lots of love

Friday 12 September 2014

My Home My Rules

I live in a typical two up two down terraced house. It's nothing special but it's my home. That little place in the world that's mine.
I've lived with my family, lived with room / house mates and lived with a significant other but right now I'm on my Todd so to speak... There's some definite disadvantages at times, ( That's a post for another time ) but for the purpose of this post I want to focus on all the great things.

Wether you've just moved out of your parents, gone through a break up or for whatever reason are having to cope on your own. Here are my eight favourite things about nesting solo....

1) Your life your rules... Want to go out?stagger in drunk at 3am? Bring back an overnight guest? Go for it, there's no one to judge you or hold an awkward conversation with the next morning. (Except maybe your new friend from last night )

2) Too lazy to go food shopping?... Acting all Delia Smith for one is a lot of effort. You enjoy your cornflakes as an evening meal, no one has to know. Do try and blag a good meal from time to time though ,( hello chef Dad ) A healthy diet is important . On the other hand there's no one around to judge you for that 3rd slice of cake. Or for the fact your fridge is largely occupied by wine.

3) Always forgetting to change the loo roll straight away?...It's only you using it. No more unnecessary arguments about who's selfish and how unacceptable it is. Same goes for dirty dishes.

4) Shower for as long as you like... You live alone and it's most likely you're the one paying the water bill, there's hardly a queue. You enjoy it. Wanna light the house up like Blackpool? Again it's you paying the bill and utilities aren't cheap but hey, you do what you want in YOUR house .

5) No need to be dressed. No awkward dash from the bathroom when you forget a towel. Strut round naked. Laze on the sofa in your undies, I won't tell if you won't .

6) This is your chance to be independent and become domesticated. Running a house alone, living alone can be a challenge and it's not for everyone. Don't underestimate yourself, The overwelming sense of pride when you've managed to change a light bulb or assemble flat pack furniture by yourself, is something no one can take away from you... Celebrate said achievements with alcohol from your wine and out of date milk stocked fridge.

7) Decorate as you wish. Enjoy the freedom of being able to have what you want where ever you want it. Obsessed with cushions? want a bright pink kettle and to hang supposedly unique but undoubtably common hipster prints on the wall? Go for it.. no compromises needed here. Unleash your interior designer .

8) Enjoy hogging the remote, "oh the footballs on?" NOPE !! Sorry not in my house .I want to watch re runs of Friends and Frozen for the thousandth time.

So there you have it :-) Enjoy and make the most of having your own home. For the majority it doesn't last forever .. I've heard significant others and children can drastically affect some of what I've listed above. haha

Lots of love xx 

Monday 8 September 2014

Need that look ... #OOTD

So this is my first outfit of the day post and in my defence I think it's a pretty good one. Not only do I have one outfit I have two, both purchased from

Need that look are pretty big on social media, their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a large following of fashionistas and regularly run competitions / giveaways.

The customer service is great and delivery was quick. Everything I ordered arrived in great condition and all their clothing is on top trend and great value for money .

Without further a due outfit 1...
( first pic as shown on website )

Harmony Jumpsuit in Black £21.95

Jumpsuits are always a risk for me personally.. I'm only 5ft 3 and rather top heavy so they don't always fit or flatter myself overly well but ...



I'm in absolute love with this.. It's super comfy and hopefully you'll agree it's looks pretty good too. The tie up belt brings in the waist.

I know it's coming to the end of summer but I definitely plan to carry on wearing it, I'm thinking possibley with a plain long sleeved white top and a leather jacket. Winter florals are going to be big and a leather jacket will not only keep me warm but add a bit of edge to the outfit.

My second outfit from need that look is 
Neon Pink short onesie £4.95

Unfortunately I couldn't find this on the website. I did buy it in the sale so I'm not sure if it's currently available ... But honestly this outfit has been amazing for lazy days in and I love, love, LOVE the colour, super cute, super comfy and super girly.


Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just search Need that Look . I promise you won't regret it.

Lots of love 

Disclaimer : This isn't a sponsored post all products were purchased myself and all opinions are mine and mine alone 

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Working Abroad

I write this as it's come to the end of summer. Working abroad is something I've now managed to organise on 3 different occasions and it's something I'm forever being asked about. Hopefully this will answer some of those questions and offer some advice to those thinking about it.

Disclaimer : I'm not an expert. I'm not being paid to promote a working abroad company. These are my own personal views and mine alone.

I'm a proper Cornish girl, I've lived here since birth and to be honest have always loved my home comforts. Back packing, busy places, strange food even sleepovers with the girls, sorry it's just never been my thing.

January 2013 that all changed, I hated my job, my living situation wasn't working, single. What was I gonna do ? Reading everybody's New Years resolutions on Facebook every day wasn't really helping the matter. I hated the rain and the cold and casually found myself hunting jobs abroad.

On a whim I took a risk and booked 4 weeks accommodation and job hunting through a specialist company. The enormity of what I'd just done didn't really sink in untill a month or so later when they called to confirm my flight details....Shit !!! I guess it's really happening. Can I really do this? I've never even been to London alone let alone got on a plane?

Obviously I could and I did ..... And then went back to do it again and again, twice through a company and then again arranging it totally myself.

One of the most asked questions I get is on the company vs doing it all yourself and honestly that is probably the biggest decision to make. Working abroad companies are great for first timers or those that aren't so confident. They sort your accommodation, find you a flight, pick you up from the airport, pretty much guarantee you new friends and a great time... But they're expensive and ultimately it's up to you to find a job, they make introductions, but don't expect them to do all the work.

Going solo means sorting everything yourself, if you know roughly what you're doing it can workout a lot cheaper. There's workers groups all over the internet and people that've already done it are often happy to help. Social media is a great way to try and make friends before you arrive. 

Here are my top tips for making the most of you're working abroad experience..

1) Do your research, talk to other workers or if you're going with a company, talk to your rep, use the internet, ask questions.

2) Save, save and save some more. Then budget. Those that do last the whole season. Depending on when you're going jobs maybe harder to find. The first week is all about finding your bearings and making friends, expect to be drunk. You need money to cover you untill your working, food, partying etc it's also a good idea to save the cost of a flight home incase of an emergency. Remember you're not on holiday. You're not a tourist, you're there to live and work.

3) Be confident, put yourself out there, be friendly to everyone, introduce yourself to other workers.. People employ confident staff and all workers were first timers once.

4) expect hard times and stick them out.. My first few weeks I really struggled with medical problems and how the heat, amount of alcohol etc affected them, I ended up flying home after 5 weeks and massively regretted it. Before trying again. Homesickness, feeling ill, blowing all your money. Common worker problems that see you jump on a plane back to the UK... Stick them out, I doubt your the only one finding it tough. 

5) Enjoy yourself, you yes you were brave enough to jet off to a different country and that's a massive thing. Make the most of it. It's better to regret the things you do rather than the things you don't. However use a condom and don't drive drunk on a quad bike. Going abroad was the best life decision I ever made and I can't wait to do it all again.

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