Friday 12 September 2014

My Home My Rules

I live in a typical two up two down terraced house. It's nothing special but it's my home. That little place in the world that's mine.
I've lived with my family, lived with room / house mates and lived with a significant other but right now I'm on my Todd so to speak... There's some definite disadvantages at times, ( That's a post for another time ) but for the purpose of this post I want to focus on all the great things.

Wether you've just moved out of your parents, gone through a break up or for whatever reason are having to cope on your own. Here are my eight favourite things about nesting solo....

1) Your life your rules... Want to go out?stagger in drunk at 3am? Bring back an overnight guest? Go for it, there's no one to judge you or hold an awkward conversation with the next morning. (Except maybe your new friend from last night )

2) Too lazy to go food shopping?... Acting all Delia Smith for one is a lot of effort. You enjoy your cornflakes as an evening meal, no one has to know. Do try and blag a good meal from time to time though ,( hello chef Dad ) A healthy diet is important . On the other hand there's no one around to judge you for that 3rd slice of cake. Or for the fact your fridge is largely occupied by wine.

3) Always forgetting to change the loo roll straight away?...It's only you using it. No more unnecessary arguments about who's selfish and how unacceptable it is. Same goes for dirty dishes.

4) Shower for as long as you like... You live alone and it's most likely you're the one paying the water bill, there's hardly a queue. You enjoy it. Wanna light the house up like Blackpool? Again it's you paying the bill and utilities aren't cheap but hey, you do what you want in YOUR house .

5) No need to be dressed. No awkward dash from the bathroom when you forget a towel. Strut round naked. Laze on the sofa in your undies, I won't tell if you won't .

6) This is your chance to be independent and become domesticated. Running a house alone, living alone can be a challenge and it's not for everyone. Don't underestimate yourself, The overwelming sense of pride when you've managed to change a light bulb or assemble flat pack furniture by yourself, is something no one can take away from you... Celebrate said achievements with alcohol from your wine and out of date milk stocked fridge.

7) Decorate as you wish. Enjoy the freedom of being able to have what you want where ever you want it. Obsessed with cushions? want a bright pink kettle and to hang supposedly unique but undoubtably common hipster prints on the wall? Go for it.. no compromises needed here. Unleash your interior designer .

8) Enjoy hogging the remote, "oh the footballs on?" NOPE !! Sorry not in my house .I want to watch re runs of Friends and Frozen for the thousandth time.

So there you have it :-) Enjoy and make the most of having your own home. For the majority it doesn't last forever .. I've heard significant others and children can drastically affect some of what I've listed above. haha

Lots of love xx 

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