Monday 29 September 2014

Tattoos and ootd

Statistics show that One in five British adults now has a tattoo, that's 20% !! Yet despite the evergrowing popularity, tattooed people still face discrimination.

Tattooed people are often ( depending on their line of work ) told to cover up. Personally I've never had a problem with work and my visible tattoos, but I've heard plenty of stories from those that have.

Is it fair? I mean aslong as your ink isn't offensive. If two people are equally qualified and able to do the job, why is someone ink free more employable?

Generally speaking I've always found my tattoos to be an ice breaker when meeting and talking to people. I love each and every tattoo I have and am in no way ashamed of them. They're a part of me.

Tattoos and body modifications have hit the mainstream. No longer the trademark of bikers, sailors and prisoners, the tattooed nation includes respected doctors, lawyers, soldiers, teachers and so on. Although not everyone appreciates the art form, ( the world would be boring if we were all the same ) snobbery, judgement and discrimination is un called for. A tattooed person could save your life one day.

'The only difference between tattooed and non tattooed people is .... Tattooed people don't judge you for not being tattooed'

^^ some of my ink

So repping the tattooed nation.. Check out my outfit of the day.

Hoodie - womens lightweight 'big ink' hoodie by inkaddict in 'gold'

sorry I couldn't insert actual link just copy and paste into your web bar

$37 approx £23 and ships to UK

Jeans - New Look (old but I'm sure they have simaler in stores now)

             Face of the day

Pretty natural look today

Base / foundation
miss sporty- Morning Baby! BB cream multi action skin perfecting makeup, shade 001 Nude radiance 

New kid cosmetics- i-drama Ultimate Lash defining mascara 

Carmex- moisture plus lip balm in menthol

Yay or nay ?? Are you an ink lover ??

Lots of love xxx

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