Friday 25 December 2015

Health Goals ,Vitamin D, (discount code)

I have health issues, thats not a secret and I consider myself a professional patient. I've tried anything and everything I possibly can , in the hope of easing symptoms and improving my quality of life.

Diet is the absolute first thing i'd recommend looking into in the event of long term conditions  (most doctors would too) The smallest changes can make such a massive difference.

Even those of us that are lucky enough to be in perfect health will often notice the benefits of a healthy diet plan.

I'm a vegetarian, wheat, gluten, dairy free girl, admittedly more through illness than choice. In order to make sure I'm getting all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals I need, I've alway relied on some sort of supplement. As more people eat on the go, indulge in fast food, spend more time living a sedentary lifestyle. More people miss out on vital vitamins, minerals & nutrients needed to keep us in tip top condition.

As we say goodbye to 2015 and head into the new year full of good intentions and health kick starts, I thought I should mention a company, I think is pretty awesome. Not only do they sell great value dietary supplements, to help you and YOUR health. A percentage of each sale goes towards MS, Multiple Sclerosis Charities. Helping OTHERS health too.

A Family run business, manufacturing and selling exclusively to the UK market.

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FREE DELIVERY on orders over £15

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Heres me with my Vitamin D Tablets. A WHOLE YEARS SUPPLY for only £12.99. Crazy !!

Due to my illness, unfortunately I spend a lot of time indoors. Our main source of vitamin D is the sun. So I thought these were just what I personally needed. (Of course they do other products)
After taking them for 2 weeks, I noticed an improvement in my mood and energy levels.
Long term I'm hoping they benefit my immune system, bones, teeth and more.
A 5 star average feedback score and almost 600 reviews on amazon, make me feel confident that they will.

Why not go check out what they have to offer at ?

GET £5 OFF using code CHARLOTTE on the checkout page
FREE DELIVERY on orders over £15

Tell me what your health / fitness goals are for 2016..
Are you planning on changing your diet or upping your supplement game ??

Let me know

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Saturday 28 November 2015

Life in a big family


If there's one thing I can't ever imagine or relate to. It's the life of being an only child..

I mean of course there's been times I've hated having siblings but I mean it's more one of those can't live with 'em can't live without them. I mean like, who else could you totally drop in the shit, and then still expect to drive you around or make you a cup of tea an hour later?

Of course just as much as I can't relate to the being an only child thing, lots of people can't imagine being part of a big family. In fact when discussing christmas and the stress of present shopping people just look at me like I'm crazy when I explain how many I have to buy for (16 of which 13 I'll most definitely spend some part of christmas day with ).

So for those people I've taken the liberty of writing a list of points explaining how big families work...some 'rules' if you will.

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In no particular order..

  • Being taller doesn't make you elder.
  • Nothings really secret, tell one person , you may as well tell everyone.
  • Unless it's a real secret like a proposal or something in which case people will keep quiet.
  • Everyone's money is communal or 'family' money, great if you're poor
  • If you're that one person with money you're kinda fucked.
  • In the event someone messes up or does something bad, save said info for a later date, you may need to drop them in it to save yourself.
  • It's totally ok to pick on a family member, but if any one else does they're fucked.
  • Don't eat it, someone else will.
  • If you get up and leave your seat, someone else will steal it. (13 people don't fit on one sofa)
  • Time means different things to different people. My 1 o'clock is totally different to someone else's.
  • Same with the definition of tidy.
  • Age means nothing.
  • Someone always has a jumper you can steal.
So there you are...I'm sure there's more but thats enough for now :)

Can you think of any more?



Monday 16 November 2015

Is Social Media Fake ??

Ok, so late to the band wagon as ever, I really wanted to have my say on this.

Any avid Social Media lover will have heard about Essena O'Neils dramatic, I quit social media, it's all so fake and depressing, bollocks. It's a story thats been everywhere. Only it's a story that widely generalises those who make their livings online.

For example. In several articles she talks about being paid to wear, represent, and promote brands she'd never normally wear or use. Yeah in my opinion that is kinda fake.
But just because one person does that, doesn't mean you should class all online influencers as fakes.

In my own case. I've NEVER done any sort of brand deal that hasn't been 100% genuine. In fact I regularly turn down deals & sponsorships with companies and brands that I don't personally believe in, support or already use. Of course it means I earn less, but hey at least its honest.

Its now against the law for influencers to actively attempt to deceive their audience by not stating whether something is a sponsored post, in any way.

Another thing that seems to be annoying internet fans especially within the illness community, is people who film videos of their shopping hauls or trips out and about..Yet these people DON'T HAVE JOBS...and are deemed too SICK to work?? I know everyones finances are different but How are they affording that life?? Ergh I didn't actually wanna get into this paragraph, but never mind. I mean I've already ranted about this once this week, along with people who don't help themselves...

Anyhu..I've gone off point...Is social media fake? Ultimately Social Media is what ever you want to be. If you wanna be a sell out create a whole fake world for yourself, go for it, but remember people know you in real life too.

Essena O'neil...Did she really quit after all that drama?? Nah she set up a new website and revelled in the free publicity.




Friday 30 October 2015

Halloween !!

All year we tell kids not to accept gifts from Strangers, to always, say NO. Yet on this one day a year everything goes out the window..."go knock on that door and ask for candy" could be some loose smarties and a small sherbet tube, could be Ecstasy tabs and a line of coke....who knows ??

Its all a bit weird.

This year I'm most likely going to Sleeping Beauty, wearing my PJs, tucked up in bed because I'm horribly anti social and nothing excites me in the slightest about venturing out into the cold.

No matter where you are, what you get up to, I hope you have a fantastic time and of course remember to stay safe.

Halloween Throwback
In case anyone needs to be reminded why I no longer drink

Staying In ?

Catch up on my Spooktober / October Faves 


Lots of love

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Tuesday 20 October 2015

The Natural Beauty Co

Today I'd like to introduce a new brand, The natural beauty company. The natural beauty company specialises in 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan cosmetics all handmade locally in Cornwall.

Cornwall is already home to some great produce, but not so much in the beauty department. Finally a product locally made that won't help me gain 2 stone ( Thanks cider, fudge, pasties) .I've never been as excited to review products as I was waiting for my box of cornish beauty testers to arrive.

First up. I'm going to talk about the cleansing shampoo bar. Now I'm going to be 100% honest and admit I've always been a little skeptical about shampoo bars. Are they really going to be as good as my chemical laden liquid products? The fact this said, suitable for all hair types, wasn't really great at putting my mind at ease. I mean how can one product possibly work for everyone?....

On first use I wasn't exactly sold on the idea, and could have quite easily given up and used my over priced, salon products, while promising to never leave them again. However in the name of fair product reviewing, I Choose to persevere and in this case I'm truly glad I did.

By my third use I swear I'd been converted. My hair looked naturally healthy and glossy. I didn't need to use any conditioner and I could't even believe how much money I must be saving. I wash my hair every other day and after a week of use The bar was just as big as when I started. My top tip for others switching to this, would be to keep going. I admit it felt a bit weird at first, but peserverance pays off and I'm so glad I did.

£3.50 is such a bargain

The Caffeine Addict Coffee Scrub.

I absolutely love everything about this. First of all, any product where you don't have to question the majority of products, is probably already half way to being a winner. How much more natural than fair trade coffee, organic coconut oil and fair trade sugar, can you get?

This definitely left me feeling ready to face the day ahead. The perfect wakeup product. My skin felt clean almost glowing, plus I just love the smell of coffee.

I actually preferred this to a lot of the scrubs I've purchased from Lush. ( I mention Lush because it also makes natural, cruelty free products). If you only buy one thing from The Natural Beauty Company, buy this. I promise you won't be disappointed. For me personally I'm certainly going to be purchasing it again.

£6.50 for 100g

Pictures from The Natural Beauty Company

Be sure to check out their online store at

If you end up trying these yourself, let me know what you thought  :)
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My Instagram @missclx

Lots of love

Disclaimer : Not Sponsored, Products sent for purpose of review. All thoughts / opinions are my own and I never mention products that I wouldn't use myself.

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Saturday 17 October 2015

The truth about being single

I wanted to write something witty and laugh out loud entertaining, but writers block messed up that idea. Then I thought about something semi serious and inspirational, but nope no luck with that either. So instead I'm going to write the truth about being single.

It's officially that time of year here we all start looking for a winter partner. Someone to introduce to your family at christmas and someone you can guarantee will buy you a present you actually like.

There's also a few people in relationships who seem to think the grass is greener over here, the people who imagine our lives are all partying and casual sex, when in reality its having to actually pay for your own netflix account. (In my case the netflix account the whole family seems to use)

I mean obviously if your other half is a total dickhead, feel free to ditch them, but if you might I dunno, actually love them or something. It's probably best to read this list before calling your crew for a wild night out, I dumped the stupid bitch/bastard ( delete appropriately) celebration bash..

The truth about being single.

  • You will have one great night out celebrating being single and then no one will care. 
  • Other people still have relationships and don't wanna go out and play wing woman, they're probably gonna have a 'night in' with the other half i.e.. eat pizza and bang.
  • You'll probably exercise or go to the gym more than you actually sex (but when you eventually do your body will look amazing)
  • If you're lucky you'll get the occasional shit shag every few months that you'll have to wildly exaggerate to your friends
  • You'll have way more money to spend on yourself
  • You'll use that money to pay for your own netflix account
  • No one to spoon
  • Cooking for one, sucks
  • You'll probably download and delete tinder at least three times.
  • You'll probably spend a lot more time on the internet.
So there you are...ok I guess there are a few upsides, freedom mainly, but just something to think about before becoming single in hibernation season.



Wednesday 7 October 2015

Have You Been Watching?

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Lots of love Charlotte xxx

Saturday 3 October 2015

New York New York #IIW2015

So from September 29th - October 4th, people around the world are coming together to raise awareness of invisible illnesses i.e. those disabling, debilitating conditions that remain hidden from the naked eye.

The 'but you don't look sick' sufferers, who go misunderstood.

This year I was asked to take part in the 'suffering in silence' campaign. Aiming to put these invisible fights into the spotlight.

I'm really flattered to have been involved and to have had my face and writing displayed in New York :) eeeek feeling proud...

Obviously as the majority of my followers are based in the UK, you wont have got to see it.
So without further delay...

If we ditch the invisible element of the term 'invisible illness' we're left with no more and no less than an illness. Just like any other.. We accept it as a part of us, without letting it define all that we are. We keep fighting, because we have to and because not looking sick doesn't mean that we're not. You can't see it but I'm strong. Charlotte Wells, UK Invisible illness week 2015 Invisible fight New York City The suffering in silence campaign.

Occasionally I like to say something smart, you know remind people my brain still works.

Just because you can't see something doesn't mean its not there.

I have lots of exciting things coming up...Are you following on Youtube? Click here for my latest videos.

Lots of



Monday 21 September 2015

Does size even matter?

Theres so much shame engrained in our society, fat shaming , skinny shaming, makeup shaming to name just a few of the 'shaming topics' most talked about.

Theres so much focus on body positivity and yet no body seems to have a clear idea of what exactly the concept means.

So in case you couldn't guess, I'm going to give you my thoughts.

If you're a size 24 and you're happy, healthy and at peace with your life choices, then by all means hashtag away, those two words...Body positive. The same also goes if you're a size 6, comfortable within your size.

There's been times, the scales have had a bit less weight on them. Its hasn't meant that I'm happier or un happier and the same goes for the times in my life where I've been heavier. My level of happiness, confidence and self esteem aren't reliant on the size on my jeans, and I'm extremely proud to say that, I know I haven't always felt this way and to me being able to openly say that is exactly what body positivity is about.

Do you know whats not body positive? Telling people what size, weight or shape they should be.

Labelling others as fake because of the way they do their makeup, tan their skin, or the push up bra that boosts their cleavage to Katie Price level.

Guess what it's THEIR body not yours.

Personally I think the whole body positivity movement needs to take a step back and have a think about what they really stand for. In my eyes it's all about acceptance, being comfortable in your own skin, the self love and self confidence you feel when you look in the mirror each morning.

I don't wear makeup because I'm fake, but because thats how I feel most confident. Thats how I FEEL most comfortable,

and if that's what its all about...Does size even matter?







Monday 14 September 2015

Fake it till you make it ....

Some people assume that because I'm quite outspoken ( i.e. a gobby cow ) that I'm confident.
I get messages or comments on a daily basis asking me how I achieved my confidence, how do I do it? why do I not seem to care what others think? How am I so comfortable with myself?

And my answer is.....I'm not

I think people assume that because I blog about my life, or paste it all over youtube in a blogging / health video, I'm quite open about every life detail of mine.

I'm not

A video is only showing an edited five minutes of my daily life. Just like any other blogger or youtuber, I edit out all the shitty bits that I don't want to show. You may see that I'm all dressed up and ready to go out for the day. However you don't see the fact I didn't sleep, the fits or pain I've been dealing with or the medication I've taken before I've even switched the camera on.
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Its easy to act sure of yourself when you're all dolled up and its just you one on one with a camera. Unfortunately reality isn't like that. In reality I get upset and cry, I get the worst anxiety over new people and situations, I doubt myself more than anyone else ever could and I don't always know what I'm doing.

But hey fake it until you make it right??

I'm writing this because I want everyone to know that the lives we portray on social media aren't always a direct reflection of reality. I mean if that party was so great why aren't you living in the moment and enjoying it? instead of updating your status??

Stop comparing yourself to isn't a competition. Reality can't compete with the filtered and photoshopped images we put online. Stop the hate and bitching, remember that behind the computer screen is a real person and real people have feelings.

Not everything or everyone is exactly what they seem.


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Saturday 5 September 2015

Pop in a box

I'm back !!!!

and today I'm going to be talking about an online subscription service that after signing up sends you a mystery pop vinyl figure each month.

minion pop figure
Subscription options are
1 figure £8.44
2 figures  £16.88
3 figures £25 ish
plus £3.50 postage and packaging

I'm obsessed with these, and thanks to their wish list and collection sections located once logged into your account, you'll never receive a pop you already have or one that you desperately don't want or have thumbs'd down.

Personally I'm a girly girl and am absolutely loving the wide range of disney figures.

snow white

In the words of pringles once you pop you just can't stop.

Theres always competitions and options to win extra figures. Check out their social media for more info.

Watch my August Unboxing below


Lots of love

Thursday 23 July 2015

It's hard to understand

lying in bed trying to sleep, my brain suddenly reminds me of something stupid i said drunk six years ago.."Oh god why did i say that?" "Do my friends still remember it?" "Does everyone think I'm stupid?"

I still have the same friends I had then, everything's fine and I doubt anyone even thinks about it anymore. Logic would say I don't really need to be worrying about this at 3am, yet my anxiety doesn't care or work logically.

The above situation is, in part, why I haven't drunk in over a year. That what did I do last night? panic a lot of twenty somethings have on a sunday morning, is what life with anxiety is like everyday. You can't just enjoy something, living totally in the moment. That moment is constantly questioned,yet there's no right answer.

Its hard to explain, and its hard for people to understand. Anxiety doesn't make any sense, and to be honest I think thats what annoys me the most. 

I thought depression and anxiety were pretty much intertwined, like you couldn't have one without the other, but thats not true. I mean I'm sure for some people thats the case but its not the case for me at least. I feel perfectly happy & content with life.

My brains a bit all over the place. and I'm not totally sure what the point of this post was (like so many of my posts) I guess I'm just trying to explain to people that don't understand, that I don't understand either. If I say I can't do something, I don't always have answer for why not. As the title says it's hard to explain.

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Wednesday 8 July 2015

My Latest Videos..

I haven't really had the inspiration or the words to write an actual blog post , but I'm hoping they'll hit me soon.

So in the mean the time I've been logging and videoing head over to youtube & subscribe for all that fun.

My latest videos.

Lots of love


Tuesday 23 June 2015

Awkward Makeup Fails

I don't really remember when I started playing dress up. I wasn't a girly girl as a youngster and as a teenager my only real 'beauty' obsession was my hair. I regularly had my hair coloured, either at home or in a salon from the age of about 12, but makeup? I guess I just wasn't that into it.

I remember a lot of the girls at school wearing makeup on the daily, but honestly, I just wasn't bothered. So many girls my age seemed to be obsessed with mascara and having lashes as black as their bitchy teenage souls, but if my hair was good, I was good.

Infact the first time I remember really being interested in makeup I was 17...Yeah I probably owned little bits before, but it was at 17 I became a regular wearer. My friend Rachael and I became obsessed with these crystal glitter eyeliners from Collection 2000 ( you can still buy them now )..We bought them in every colour and even on really awful days, down days or days where we were doing nothing, our faces sparkled in £2.99 glitter goodness.

I saw this on Facebook. No word of a lie it made my day !!

I may have been late to the game but I think everyone needs to go through that awkward experimental stage.Yet thanks to the likes of youtube most people are skipping it and I really think they're missing out. Now a days 14 year olds walk round looking like mini Kim Kardashians. Contoured up like catwalk models...I mean really??

I'd ask why girls want to grow up so fast, but as a teenager, all I wanted was to be grown up. Now however I'd do anything to go back to the days of such little responsibility.

As a 24 year old, I'll hold my hands up and say Makeup, beauty etc are such a big part of my life. I adore the stuff. I love playing around creating new looks, shopping for new bits and pieces, following trends and I doubt most people will ever see me without my face on.

Yes I still have 'what was I thinking' days, that create amazingly cringe worthy pictures..but thats all part of the fun.

What's been your awkward make up fail??

let me know



Wednesday 17 June 2015

FOMO True Friends

Star friends, you don't always see them but you know they're always there.

Due to my regularly crappy state of health , getting out and about and having some sort of physical, in person social life, is difficult. Sometimes I feel like I live with a permanent case of FOMO ( fear of missing out). Social media is like a waterfall of fuel to the fire, I can tell myself as much as I like that 'well if they're enjoying it so much they wouldn't be on Facebook' but I still can't actually believe that.

Yesterday, I managed, to meet one of my bestie for lunch. Simply put it was awesome. Despite the pain and exhaustion I suffered afterwards, it was one hundred percent worth it. We hadn't seen each other in a few months, but OMG within seconds I felt like we'd never been apart.

I was so worried before hand, that we wouldn't have anything to talk about, I'd of missed to much of her life, that we'd of drifted apart in some way. I guess thats anxiety talking because it was the most fulfilled, the most I smiled and the most normal I'd felt in ages.

Outfit of the Day

I guess the main points of this post are,

  • Don't let the fear of striking out stop you playing the game
  • Real friends are stronger than time or distance
  • FOMO is an evil by product of social media, you're probably not missing that much......and
  • Sometimes you just have to focus on yourself and your own needs rather than focus on comparing every living moment to your friends online.
Just wanted to get this off my chest.
Do you struggle with FOMO?

Oh did I mention, she bought me this super cute prezzie !! adorable right?


Lots of love


Thursday 11 June 2015

Good Hair Days

As some people may know, from the moment I discovered straight hair it became an unhealthy obsession of mine. My friends, I'm sure could tell of countless times I've delayed the leaving process for a night out, just so I can run the straighteners through them one more time and repeat the same question for the five hundredth time that night..'Is my hair straight ? like properly straight?'

So you can imagine the feeling of terror, when last week after five years of being so loyal and faithful they quite literally went up in smoke. As awful as that experience was, they'd served me well (RIP ghds) and I realised this meant I  FINALLY had an excuse to buy a new pair.

straight hair is everything

So ghd has massively stepped up their game. I had the classic gold series styler and debated just buying the same again ( if it ain't broke don't fix it ) I thought about the wide plated styler due to my thick hair and the amount its grown and the new platinum stylers were on pre order awaiting release. So much choice. Then I looked at the ghd eclipse, it was love at first sight.

Made especially for hard to tame hair and featuring new tri- zone technology the plates are designed to eliminate heat loss and maintain the 185 degree temperature evenly and in every stroke.
I'm not sure what the temperature of the gold series stylers is but I do believe its higher. 185 degrees is apparently the optimum temperature to ensure great results without damage.

Admitedly I was sceptical my hair is a nightmare to style..surely the hotter the better? nope...

I've had them about a week so far and I'm truly impressed. My hair looks and feels so much better, although a little chunkier / heavier than other models they glided through my hair so much easier. I haven't used them to curl my hair yet but the fact that the outside remains so cool is another advantage in comparison to the gold series styler.

Oh ...did I mention they're gorgeous??

When buying ghds, always make sure you buy from a reputable website or salon in order to ensure your getting a genuine product. GENUINE ghd stylers come with a 2 year guarantee and carry a unique serial number to verify authenticity. 

I spent £145, although expensive, personally I think you get what you pay for..With my last pair lasting five years thats only £29 a year. With the amount of use I know they'll get I think its worth every penny.

I also gained cashback on my purchase by shopping through quidco, earning back approx 10%.
Sign up by clicking the button below and you'll receive £5.

I love Quidco

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Sunday 31 May 2015

Chronic Illness Community

As i write this it's 2am, a mixture of pain / sickness are keeping me awake and my mind is racing at about a million miles a minute.

One thing I've been thinking a lot about lately is the chronic illness community. Lately its really grown in popularity, I'm not saying illness is a popular thing or a trend, but more and more people are talking about and sharing their experiences.

Of course as someone who blogs and vlogs about their life being ill all the time, I can hardly say it's awful, that it's a taboo subject no one should ever mention, surely that'd put me in line for hypocrite of the year award. However I do think people need to be a little bit more aware of what they're posting or saying.

Log on to instagram and the community of spoonies (a term often used by the chronically ill) is massive, hundreds of thousands strong, all posting pictures, detailing their day, hospital stays, asking advice , updates on treatment etc. Of course others then double tap, comment sending well wishes, answering questions etc. I do it myself, so of course I understand how great it feels, to be part of this community that understands what your going through, what your life is like. In my experience illness can make you feel alone. On instagram your'e never alone. No matter what time of day it is you're never alone.

But these communities also have their downsides. People seem to forget that everything we put on the internet is an edited version of whats real. You only see what I want you to see. I may upload a picture of myself happy hanging out with family, you don't see pictures of the painkillers I had to take before hand, that I slept for 2 days before and 2 days after, or that I had a seizure and wet myself an hour later the picture was taken.

I get alot of messages asking about medications, people comparing themselves and their own situation to mine. I see the same on many others posts "how come your dr prescribes that? Mine won't give it to me"

I also encounter a few people who seem to be turning the community into a competition of who's sicker. That's not what this community is about.

oh and blatant cyber bullying.

Try to remember the following and the chronic illness community will be a much better place.

  • Don't ask for or give advice on medications / treatments, what works for you could be dangerous to someone else. Encourage speaking to a medical professional
  • Dont compare yourself to others
  • Be careful taking pics of meds or prescriptions, your address or personal info, your just asking for your ID or meds to be stolen
  • Don't have anything nice to say, don't bother
  • illness isn't a competition, we're all in a different race
  • If you think you're having a medical emergency call an ambulance don't wait around for social media advice. Not only is that stupid, it makes others feel guilty and helpless.
  • Try to take everything with a pinch of salt, I know we become attached to internet friends, but everything we see and read is only part of a story. Other peoples problems are NOT your problem.
Sorry if this post offends or upsets anyone, that's not my intention. As a whole I love the spoonie community and it's been a huge part of my life. 

Spoonie Communities exist on every social media platform and across the internet. I was using instagram as an example.

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Lots of love

Charlotte says what?

Friday 29 May 2015

Catch Up

hey lovely,

I've been trying to get my videos on a more regular upload can check them out and subscribe at

Or check out my most popular recent videos below

Lots of love

Charlotte says what?

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Red Lips

A standard beauty staple for most females out there. The perfect red lip can be somewhat difficult to master, well at least for me it was, but once you've found the shade for you it's hard not to want to wear it 24/7.

I've always been more of a pink lips kinda gal, mainly because being pale enough to be caspers wife ( as in the friendly ghost ) has meant I could never quite find the right red. Pinks are easier to pull off even if it's not 100% right you. The wrong red in my opinion can look a bit cheap, just a makeup disaster.

But hey at last I've found my perfect match.

Kate Moss for Rinmel : 01 Red Nose Red

MUA Intense Colour Liner : Red Drama

I'm so late discovering the red nose lipstick. A super cute packaged limited edition lippy bought out to raise funds for Comic Relief / Red Nose Day. ( back in March ) I assume / hope the colour is a part of the permenant Kate Moss for Rimmel Collection.

I'm not sure why I've not tried Rimmel Lipsticks earlier. I kinda picked this up on a whim to be honest but OMG it's been love from first application. Super long lasting and moisturising, it's comfortable to wear and the colour pay off is amazing. Nice and pigmented.

I've been pairing it over a lip liner for maximum colour and to avoid bleeding and smudging. The MUA liner Red Drama is rich and creamy, applies smoothly and wait for it.... Is only £1 !!
(Built in sharpener too)

So I've 100 % been converted to reds now , as you may notice from my Instagram and YouTube ( search MissCLX on both)



What do you think??

If you're interested in shopping for some new makeup yourself (or well anything) I'd reccomend shopping through quidco and getting the cash back. Sign up by clicking the button below and you'll receive £2.50 to get you started.

I love Quidco

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Charlotte says what?

Love Charlotte

Wednesday 13 May 2015

My Story

Hi lovely people,

So this week contained a very special day. May 12th was the recognised date for Fibromyalgia awareness.

Followers of my blog and social media links have been requesting I tell my story for a while now, i.e. , how I was diagnosed, treatments etc. Personally I just didn't feel ready to put it out there, but if there ever was a right time, I guess its now...

So yeah here's my video below for those who haven't already seen it explaining it all. I suggest grabbing a cuppa and making yourself comfy.

I try not to go into too much detail about medications etc because I'm not a doctor and different things work for different people. I don't feel it's my place to recommending or condemning how people manage their illness. This is just some of my story.

Nows the time to make this invisible illness visible.....Even if only for a little while.

Charlotte says what?

Lots of love

Saturday 9 May 2015

May so far ...

This month,so far, has been a month of so much and yet nothing, all at the same time.

There was a royal baby, a princess, given a totally suitabley amazing name Charlotte :-) a bank holiday where it pissed it down with rain while the country tragically tried to light their Barbeques. Oh and we all got a chance to have our say in the general election.

Like I said though it's also been a whole lot of nothing, because I've done absolutely fuck all but lie in bed dealing with the Fibro flare from hell. Thank god for Opiates and Netflix. I'm totally ready for season three of Orange is The New Black, FYI.

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So the conservatives are back in power and by a majority. I for one didn't vote Tory and as the Internet hit the roof over their victory, I got it. But we live in a democracy and aren't we the ones who
Voted them in? The nation has spoken, we've all just gotta accept it.

On the subject of the princess well in the words of The Twitter comedians, heir done, spare done. This generation of royals is the most relatable and down to earth' Everyone called Charlotte managed to blag a free pizza, except for me and advertising companies went royal baby mad pushing products.

Barbeques and the bank holiday?  Well we are in England after all.

So that's pretty much it for may so far, what's going on where you are?

Lots of love


Saturday 2 May 2015


It's the beginning of May and currently a 3 day weekend...

May is typically a month of fibromyalgia awareness with the official day of awareness on May 12th.

Because this is obviously something close to my heart. I wanted to let you know what I'd be up to this coming month to mark the occasion.

I'm planning to upload a fair few videos relating to my illness, some serious, some funny and most, most likely a mixture of both.

Topics covered...

What is fibromyalgia?
How to explain it to other people?
Hiding your pain (drab 2 fab)
And a few more....
So head on over to YouTube and subscribe to keep up

I'm also, at the end of the month going to be hosting a give away to celebrate my blogs first birthday. So stay tuned for that ..more details will be released nearer the time.

Thankyou so much to every single one of you who takes the time to follow my posts, videos and social media. It means the world to me 

Until next time 

Lots of love

Charlotte says what?

Monday 27 April 2015

16 year old me

So on Friday the 24th it was my 24th birthday. If I'm honest I'm not exactly where I would of hoped to be at this point in my life. In some ways I feel so behind yet I'm certainly proud of everything I've managed to achieve and all those little lessons I've learnt on the journey.

Remember being 16? I do. There's a lot I'd rather forget. I really struggled in my teenage years and I lost a lot of what should of been those fun care free years to illness both mental and physical. Looking back from where I am now there's so many things I wish I'd known, that I wish I could of told myself. This post isn't meant to come across as depressing and somber, more reflective of how far I've come and how life has a funny way of working out.

^^ 16 year old me on the right with the same best friend I have now...(sorry hun it was one of the only pics I had at hand)

So dear sixteen year old Charlotte (and anybody aged 16 who may be reading) here's some things I'd like you to know.

School isn't everything, life experience is going to get you just as far as qualifications

The friends you have now, are some of the best you'll ever have, they liked you just for you, before how much you earned, your job or wether you have a car and still live with your parents became a basis for choosing mates.

Being happy and healthy is far more important than being thin, popular or changing yourself to fit in

The embarrassing moments, the times you were a total asshole, the silly paranoid thoughts and worries you have. No one else will ever make as big of a deal of it as you do yourself. Don't beat yourself up over silly mistakes, half the time people won't even remember it or have noticed.

Don't push people away, it's ok to ask for help.

The people that bully you now, the popular kids, the cool kids getting in trouble will one day serve you fast food. 

Mixing your drinks will never end well.

You're stronger than you'll ever know

Life isn't a competition, we're all in a different race

What would you tell your sixteen year old self? 
And would you have even listened? Being a teenager is all about finding out who you are, experimenting and learning how this crazy world we live in works.
Weirdly you spend a lot of your adult life doing the same.

Lots of love

Charlotte says what?

Sunday 19 April 2015

Fitbit 4 Fibro First Impressions

Hi lovelys

So I'm starting a new series both here and over on my Youtube called Fitbit for Fibro

I hope I'm not alone when I say that having a long term illness or condition can leave you feeling rather helpless and a little like a failure. It's so easy in the modern age of social media to constantly compare yourself to your peers, when really the only person you should compare yourself with is the you from yesterday. make sense?

I've been bed bound most days for a couple of months now and even though I'm lucky enough to experience the odd 'good day' I sometimes wonder if I've actually made any positive progress at all.

cue Fitbit

I'm sure many of you have heard of the fitbit but for those of you who haven't it basically a fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers seem to be all the range at the moment, Every man and their dog is bringing out one.
I did my research, read reviews, and checked out what family and friends recommended and decided that the fitbit flex was best for me personally.

It can be synced to your phone or laptop wirelessly and allows you to track the following.

  • Steps taken
  • Calories Burned
  • Miles walked
  • Amount of sleep
  • Quality of sleep 
  • Amount of times you woke up
  • ..........and more
It offers a silent alarm that vibrates on the wrist to wake you.

Other models in the fitbit range can track additional measurements.

Another cool feature is that a series of lights appear to tell you how your'e progressing towards your own personal goal.
eg : One light = 20 % of your desired goal for that day.

The smartphone app and fitbit website allow you to view your progress in simple graphs.

Light weight and comfortable to wear, on first impressions, I'm impressed. It seems like a good way to monitor how things are going. Bad days can be disheartening. I feel like this will motivate me on good days and remind me to not be so hard on myself when the bad ones are here.

In a few days time, I'll update you with how my first few days with it have been.

Watch the video ....
oooooo and check out today's outfit of the day.... prefect for the spring sunshine

What do you think?


Charlotte says what?

Thursday 16 April 2015

First Time voting

I hope you like my blogs new look :) let me know what you think....


I'm not a politics mastermind, for the most part I find it confusing and hard to follow.

However unless you've been living under a rock ( a rock in the UK ) you'll know the general election is coming up. The subject dominates every newspaper, news channel and the Internet, it's basically the biggest thing happening in the country.

which party is promising what? Who's who? What does it all mean ? How does it affect me and my life?

99.9 - 100% of us have complained about the way this country is run or some government decisions at some point.
Have you ever said or thought about any of the following?

  • Minimum wage is too low
  • Taxes are too high.
  • The benefits systems a mess
  • Rent prices are rediculous 
  • The NHS is falling apart 
  • Who thought of the bedroom tax?

However in the 2010 General Election, out of the approx 46 million people eligable to vote only 65% did.

If everybody who could actually vote did so, we may actually end up with the government we want.

In 1950 the highest percentage of eligable voters in history turned up at the polling stations , 83.9%

The lowest percentage in history was 2001. Only 59.4% of those who could voted.

So many people fought for the right to democracy and to vote. I think it's important to remember that.

If like me, you find politics hard to understand and are confused about who to vote for. I'd reccomend googling policies not parties. I found a very helpful site that broke down each parties policies and matched me to a party who's policies reflected what was personally important to me.

There's a bunch of great sites and quizzes that can help you decide who most deserves your vote.

On a personal level I found them a lot more helpful than any news story / televised debate.

I hope this has been helpful in some way shape or form.

In order to vote you have to be registered.
If you're not already you can do so at


Charlotte says what?

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