Sunday 19 April 2015

Fitbit 4 Fibro First Impressions

Hi lovelys

So I'm starting a new series both here and over on my Youtube called Fitbit for Fibro

I hope I'm not alone when I say that having a long term illness or condition can leave you feeling rather helpless and a little like a failure. It's so easy in the modern age of social media to constantly compare yourself to your peers, when really the only person you should compare yourself with is the you from yesterday. make sense?

I've been bed bound most days for a couple of months now and even though I'm lucky enough to experience the odd 'good day' I sometimes wonder if I've actually made any positive progress at all.

cue Fitbit

I'm sure many of you have heard of the fitbit but for those of you who haven't it basically a fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers seem to be all the range at the moment, Every man and their dog is bringing out one.
I did my research, read reviews, and checked out what family and friends recommended and decided that the fitbit flex was best for me personally.

It can be synced to your phone or laptop wirelessly and allows you to track the following.

  • Steps taken
  • Calories Burned
  • Miles walked
  • Amount of sleep
  • Quality of sleep 
  • Amount of times you woke up
  • ..........and more
It offers a silent alarm that vibrates on the wrist to wake you.

Other models in the fitbit range can track additional measurements.

Another cool feature is that a series of lights appear to tell you how your'e progressing towards your own personal goal.
eg : One light = 20 % of your desired goal for that day.

The smartphone app and fitbit website allow you to view your progress in simple graphs.

Light weight and comfortable to wear, on first impressions, I'm impressed. It seems like a good way to monitor how things are going. Bad days can be disheartening. I feel like this will motivate me on good days and remind me to not be so hard on myself when the bad ones are here.

In a few days time, I'll update you with how my first few days with it have been.

Watch the video ....
oooooo and check out today's outfit of the day.... prefect for the spring sunshine

What do you think?


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