Thursday 16 April 2015

First Time voting

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I'm not a politics mastermind, for the most part I find it confusing and hard to follow.

However unless you've been living under a rock ( a rock in the UK ) you'll know the general election is coming up. The subject dominates every newspaper, news channel and the Internet, it's basically the biggest thing happening in the country.

which party is promising what? Who's who? What does it all mean ? How does it affect me and my life?

99.9 - 100% of us have complained about the way this country is run or some government decisions at some point.
Have you ever said or thought about any of the following?

  • Minimum wage is too low
  • Taxes are too high.
  • The benefits systems a mess
  • Rent prices are rediculous 
  • The NHS is falling apart 
  • Who thought of the bedroom tax?

However in the 2010 General Election, out of the approx 46 million people eligable to vote only 65% did.

If everybody who could actually vote did so, we may actually end up with the government we want.

In 1950 the highest percentage of eligable voters in history turned up at the polling stations , 83.9%

The lowest percentage in history was 2001. Only 59.4% of those who could voted.

So many people fought for the right to democracy and to vote. I think it's important to remember that.

If like me, you find politics hard to understand and are confused about who to vote for. I'd reccomend googling policies not parties. I found a very helpful site that broke down each parties policies and matched me to a party who's policies reflected what was personally important to me.

There's a bunch of great sites and quizzes that can help you decide who most deserves your vote.

On a personal level I found them a lot more helpful than any news story / televised debate.

I hope this has been helpful in some way shape or form.

In order to vote you have to be registered.
If you're not already you can do so at


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