Wednesday 28 December 2016

PROGRESS & A second channel ?

As 2016 comes to an end. I look back on everything I've done, everything that's happened and all the things that, for whatever reason, didn't happen.

I suspect most of us do this in some way, shape or form even if not in such a conscious manner.

However In 2017 I really want to take more time to reflect, just to sit down and tell myself that actually I am doing ok. I'm not a screw up. Things aren't amazing or awful just ok and that's ok."

We put so much pressure on January, the month as a whole, along with the new year, new me, you, whoever do gooders. That it's so easy to immediately shout "FAIL" or "I QUIT" at the first fall.

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If I want to better myself I want to have realistic and long term results with longevity.

Forget the resolutions, and end goals.
I want to focus on happiness and PROGRESS!!

I'll be using an adult colouring diary and The happiness planner to help document my journey.

Want to see more stuff like this? I'm thinking of starting a second channel where I share a thought of the day... whether it be funny or serious, YouTube related or anything at all.


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Love Charlotte

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