Monday 6 February 2017

Put a ring on it...

It's February !! A month based around the loved up commercialised holiday that's Valentines Day... Oh and Pancake Day, although pancakes aren't really relevant to this blog post, sorry.

2017 and it's another Valentine's Day where I'm single. I'll watch my social media feeds fill up with over priced flowers that die within a week. The date night selfies and she said yes ring finger pics.
Of course I'm happy for all these people but part of me is jealous I admit.
Another part of me sees it as a more modern form of peer pressure that has me panicking and questioning my life choices.

Recently I read about a scheme. (that I wish for the life of me I could remember the name of.) It originated in America (where else) and is all about truly loving yourself.
Remember how America bought us purity rings and pledges of abstinence until marriage ? Well this is a million times better and more doable ...Let's just be honest. sex with someone you want to actually have sex with is fun, natural,plus it feels good.

So this Valentine's Day I'm gonna put a ring on myself and make my own vows. We should all know by now how important loving yourself is before allowing yourself to be truly loved by others.

  • I vow to not be pressured into a relationship by society
  • I vow to stop putting myself down
  • I vow to become more body positive
  • I vow not to allow myself to be slut shamed or slut shame others
  • I vow never to settle
  • I vow to be the best version of myself
  • I vow to care and love myself to the best of my ability so that in the future I'm more open and receptive of love from someone who truly deserves my own

Every time I look at my right hand and that ring I bought myself, I'm going to remember my self worth and those vows I made.
Independent women !!

Any other single ladies gonna put a ring on it?? I fell in love with the idea the moment I heard about it and I love that you can customise the vows to whatever you want.

What do you think??

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