Friday, 25 December 2015

Health Goals ,Vitamin D, (discount code)

I have health issues, thats not a secret and I consider myself a professional patient. I've tried anything and everything I possibly can , in the hope of easing symptoms and improving my quality of life.

Diet is the absolute first thing i'd recommend looking into in the event of long term conditions  (most doctors would too) The smallest changes can make such a massive difference.

Even those of us that are lucky enough to be in perfect health will often notice the benefits of a healthy diet plan.

I'm a vegetarian, wheat, gluten, dairy free girl, admittedly more through illness than choice. In order to make sure I'm getting all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals I need, I've alway relied on some sort of supplement. As more people eat on the go, indulge in fast food, spend more time living a sedentary lifestyle. More people miss out on vital vitamins, minerals & nutrients needed to keep us in tip top condition.

As we say goodbye to 2015 and head into the new year full of good intentions and health kick starts, I thought I should mention a company, I think is pretty awesome. Not only do they sell great value dietary supplements, to help you and YOUR health. A percentage of each sale goes towards MS, Multiple Sclerosis Charities. Helping OTHERS health too.

A Family run business, manufacturing and selling exclusively to the UK market.

GET £5 OFF using code CHARLOTTE on the checkout page
FREE DELIVERY on orders over £15

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Heres me with my Vitamin D Tablets. A WHOLE YEARS SUPPLY for only £12.99. Crazy !!

Due to my illness, unfortunately I spend a lot of time indoors. Our main source of vitamin D is the sun. So I thought these were just what I personally needed. (Of course they do other products)
After taking them for 2 weeks, I noticed an improvement in my mood and energy levels.
Long term I'm hoping they benefit my immune system, bones, teeth and more.
A 5 star average feedback score and almost 600 reviews on amazon, make me feel confident that they will.

Why not go check out what they have to offer at ?

GET £5 OFF using code CHARLOTTE on the checkout page
FREE DELIVERY on orders over £15

Tell me what your health / fitness goals are for 2016..
Are you planning on changing your diet or upping your supplement game ??

Let me know

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