Saturday 28 November 2015

Life in a big family


If there's one thing I can't ever imagine or relate to. It's the life of being an only child..

I mean of course there's been times I've hated having siblings but I mean it's more one of those can't live with 'em can't live without them. I mean like, who else could you totally drop in the shit, and then still expect to drive you around or make you a cup of tea an hour later?

Of course just as much as I can't relate to the being an only child thing, lots of people can't imagine being part of a big family. In fact when discussing christmas and the stress of present shopping people just look at me like I'm crazy when I explain how many I have to buy for (16 of which 13 I'll most definitely spend some part of christmas day with ).

So for those people I've taken the liberty of writing a list of points explaining how big families work...some 'rules' if you will.

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In no particular order..

  • Being taller doesn't make you elder.
  • Nothings really secret, tell one person , you may as well tell everyone.
  • Unless it's a real secret like a proposal or something in which case people will keep quiet.
  • Everyone's money is communal or 'family' money, great if you're poor
  • If you're that one person with money you're kinda fucked.
  • In the event someone messes up or does something bad, save said info for a later date, you may need to drop them in it to save yourself.
  • It's totally ok to pick on a family member, but if any one else does they're fucked.
  • Don't eat it, someone else will.
  • If you get up and leave your seat, someone else will steal it. (13 people don't fit on one sofa)
  • Time means different things to different people. My 1 o'clock is totally different to someone else's.
  • Same with the definition of tidy.
  • Age means nothing.
  • Someone always has a jumper you can steal.
So there you are...I'm sure there's more but thats enough for now :)

Can you think of any more?



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