Monday 16 November 2015

Is Social Media Fake ??

Ok, so late to the band wagon as ever, I really wanted to have my say on this.

Any avid Social Media lover will have heard about Essena O'Neils dramatic, I quit social media, it's all so fake and depressing, bollocks. It's a story thats been everywhere. Only it's a story that widely generalises those who make their livings online.

For example. In several articles she talks about being paid to wear, represent, and promote brands she'd never normally wear or use. Yeah in my opinion that is kinda fake.
But just because one person does that, doesn't mean you should class all online influencers as fakes.

In my own case. I've NEVER done any sort of brand deal that hasn't been 100% genuine. In fact I regularly turn down deals & sponsorships with companies and brands that I don't personally believe in, support or already use. Of course it means I earn less, but hey at least its honest.

Its now against the law for influencers to actively attempt to deceive their audience by not stating whether something is a sponsored post, in any way.

Another thing that seems to be annoying internet fans especially within the illness community, is people who film videos of their shopping hauls or trips out and about..Yet these people DON'T HAVE JOBS...and are deemed too SICK to work?? I know everyones finances are different but How are they affording that life?? Ergh I didn't actually wanna get into this paragraph, but never mind. I mean I've already ranted about this once this week, along with people who don't help themselves...

Anyhu..I've gone off point...Is social media fake? Ultimately Social Media is what ever you want to be. If you wanna be a sell out create a whole fake world for yourself, go for it, but remember people know you in real life too.

Essena O'neil...Did she really quit after all that drama?? Nah she set up a new website and revelled in the free publicity.




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