Friday 30 October 2015

Halloween !!

All year we tell kids not to accept gifts from Strangers, to always, say NO. Yet on this one day a year everything goes out the window..."go knock on that door and ask for candy" could be some loose smarties and a small sherbet tube, could be Ecstasy tabs and a line of coke....who knows ??

Its all a bit weird.

This year I'm most likely going to Sleeping Beauty, wearing my PJs, tucked up in bed because I'm horribly anti social and nothing excites me in the slightest about venturing out into the cold.

No matter where you are, what you get up to, I hope you have a fantastic time and of course remember to stay safe.

Halloween Throwback
In case anyone needs to be reminded why I no longer drink

Staying In ?

Catch up on my Spooktober / October Faves 


Lots of love

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