Wednesday 20 May 2015

Red Lips

A standard beauty staple for most females out there. The perfect red lip can be somewhat difficult to master, well at least for me it was, but once you've found the shade for you it's hard not to want to wear it 24/7.

I've always been more of a pink lips kinda gal, mainly because being pale enough to be caspers wife ( as in the friendly ghost ) has meant I could never quite find the right red. Pinks are easier to pull off even if it's not 100% right you. The wrong red in my opinion can look a bit cheap, just a makeup disaster.

But hey at last I've found my perfect match.

Kate Moss for Rinmel : 01 Red Nose Red

MUA Intense Colour Liner : Red Drama

I'm so late discovering the red nose lipstick. A super cute packaged limited edition lippy bought out to raise funds for Comic Relief / Red Nose Day. ( back in March ) I assume / hope the colour is a part of the permenant Kate Moss for Rimmel Collection.

I'm not sure why I've not tried Rimmel Lipsticks earlier. I kinda picked this up on a whim to be honest but OMG it's been love from first application. Super long lasting and moisturising, it's comfortable to wear and the colour pay off is amazing. Nice and pigmented.

I've been pairing it over a lip liner for maximum colour and to avoid bleeding and smudging. The MUA liner Red Drama is rich and creamy, applies smoothly and wait for it.... Is only £1 !!
(Built in sharpener too)

So I've 100 % been converted to reds now , as you may notice from my Instagram and YouTube ( search MissCLX on both)



What do you think??

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