Saturday 2 May 2015


It's the beginning of May and currently a 3 day weekend...

May is typically a month of fibromyalgia awareness with the official day of awareness on May 12th.

Because this is obviously something close to my heart. I wanted to let you know what I'd be up to this coming month to mark the occasion.

I'm planning to upload a fair few videos relating to my illness, some serious, some funny and most, most likely a mixture of both.

Topics covered...

What is fibromyalgia?
How to explain it to other people?
Hiding your pain (drab 2 fab)
And a few more....
So head on over to YouTube and subscribe to keep up

I'm also, at the end of the month going to be hosting a give away to celebrate my blogs first birthday. So stay tuned for that ..more details will be released nearer the time.

Thankyou so much to every single one of you who takes the time to follow my posts, videos and social media. It means the world to me 

Until next time 

Lots of love

Charlotte says what?

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