Saturday, 9 May 2015

May so far ...

This month,so far, has been a month of so much and yet nothing, all at the same time.

There was a royal baby, a princess, given a totally suitabley amazing name Charlotte :-) a bank holiday where it pissed it down with rain while the country tragically tried to light their Barbeques. Oh and we all got a chance to have our say in the general election.

Like I said though it's also been a whole lot of nothing, because I've done absolutely fuck all but lie in bed dealing with the Fibro flare from hell. Thank god for Opiates and Netflix. I'm totally ready for season three of Orange is The New Black, FYI.

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So the conservatives are back in power and by a majority. I for one didn't vote Tory and as the Internet hit the roof over their victory, I got it. But we live in a democracy and aren't we the ones who
Voted them in? The nation has spoken, we've all just gotta accept it.

On the subject of the princess well in the words of The Twitter comedians, heir done, spare done. This generation of royals is the most relatable and down to earth' Everyone called Charlotte managed to blag a free pizza, except for me and advertising companies went royal baby mad pushing products.

Barbeques and the bank holiday?  Well we are in England after all.

So that's pretty much it for may so far, what's going on where you are?

Lots of love


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