Thursday 11 June 2015

Good Hair Days

As some people may know, from the moment I discovered straight hair it became an unhealthy obsession of mine. My friends, I'm sure could tell of countless times I've delayed the leaving process for a night out, just so I can run the straighteners through them one more time and repeat the same question for the five hundredth time that night..'Is my hair straight ? like properly straight?'

So you can imagine the feeling of terror, when last week after five years of being so loyal and faithful they quite literally went up in smoke. As awful as that experience was, they'd served me well (RIP ghds) and I realised this meant I  FINALLY had an excuse to buy a new pair.

straight hair is everything

So ghd has massively stepped up their game. I had the classic gold series styler and debated just buying the same again ( if it ain't broke don't fix it ) I thought about the wide plated styler due to my thick hair and the amount its grown and the new platinum stylers were on pre order awaiting release. So much choice. Then I looked at the ghd eclipse, it was love at first sight.

Made especially for hard to tame hair and featuring new tri- zone technology the plates are designed to eliminate heat loss and maintain the 185 degree temperature evenly and in every stroke.
I'm not sure what the temperature of the gold series stylers is but I do believe its higher. 185 degrees is apparently the optimum temperature to ensure great results without damage.

Admitedly I was sceptical my hair is a nightmare to style..surely the hotter the better? nope...

I've had them about a week so far and I'm truly impressed. My hair looks and feels so much better, although a little chunkier / heavier than other models they glided through my hair so much easier. I haven't used them to curl my hair yet but the fact that the outside remains so cool is another advantage in comparison to the gold series styler.

Oh ...did I mention they're gorgeous??

When buying ghds, always make sure you buy from a reputable website or salon in order to ensure your getting a genuine product. GENUINE ghd stylers come with a 2 year guarantee and carry a unique serial number to verify authenticity. 

I spent £145, although expensive, personally I think you get what you pay for..With my last pair lasting five years thats only £29 a year. With the amount of use I know they'll get I think its worth every penny.

I also gained cashback on my purchase by shopping through quidco, earning back approx 10%.
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I love Quidco

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