Wednesday 17 June 2015

FOMO True Friends

Star friends, you don't always see them but you know they're always there.

Due to my regularly crappy state of health , getting out and about and having some sort of physical, in person social life, is difficult. Sometimes I feel like I live with a permanent case of FOMO ( fear of missing out). Social media is like a waterfall of fuel to the fire, I can tell myself as much as I like that 'well if they're enjoying it so much they wouldn't be on Facebook' but I still can't actually believe that.

Yesterday, I managed, to meet one of my bestie for lunch. Simply put it was awesome. Despite the pain and exhaustion I suffered afterwards, it was one hundred percent worth it. We hadn't seen each other in a few months, but OMG within seconds I felt like we'd never been apart.

I was so worried before hand, that we wouldn't have anything to talk about, I'd of missed to much of her life, that we'd of drifted apart in some way. I guess thats anxiety talking because it was the most fulfilled, the most I smiled and the most normal I'd felt in ages.

Outfit of the Day

I guess the main points of this post are,

  • Don't let the fear of striking out stop you playing the game
  • Real friends are stronger than time or distance
  • FOMO is an evil by product of social media, you're probably not missing that much......and
  • Sometimes you just have to focus on yourself and your own needs rather than focus on comparing every living moment to your friends online.
Just wanted to get this off my chest.
Do you struggle with FOMO?

Oh did I mention, she bought me this super cute prezzie !! adorable right?


Lots of love


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