Saturday 20 September 2014

I couldn't live without..

It's a question we've all asked ourselves at some point ... What couldn't I live without?

Obviously I love my family and friends. I also love the internet and my iPhone, but I was thinking of the more trivial things I love in my life. Those little things that make my day brighter,my little luxuries that I'd want on a desert island. 

Without further adue 5 products I couldn't ( well wouldn't want to ) live without ...

1) Lucozade Energy... There's a variety of flavours but Pink Lemonade is my absolute fave. I tend to sip lucozade through out the day, I have a few bottles scattered round my home open and on the go. Not only is it yummy but I suffer with hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar ) so it can literally be a lifesaver.. Comas aren't cool.

2) Face Masks... Montagne Jeunesse are great value for money and my midweek treat. I love the self heating and fruity ( mainly berry ) varieties best. Perfect for a little me time.

3) My Camera.. Yes I'm that annoying girl who's always got a camera in your face. I'm a big fan of capturing the moment and my front room is filled with framed pics of my nearest and dearest. I love to look back and reminisce. Plus I find pictures and videos really help me document the achievements and progress I've made in life.

4) Contact Lenses.. I really don't like wearing my glasses and genuinely couldn't imagine not having contacts in my life. There quick, comfy and allow me to even change my eye colour to suit my mood. My coloured green lenses are amaze ( I have brown eyes naturally ).
I get mine at  and you can get 10% off your first order by using the code below.

5) onesies... When onesies first became a thing I admit it took me some time to jump on the bandwagon. They just made me think of an overgrown baby. Now.. I couldn't imagine not having a wardrobe full of them. There soooo comfy and perfect for chilling out and lazing about in.

^^ my fave onesie at the mo :-) (apologies for the poor pic I've been poorly lately)

So what could you lot not live without? Let me know ...

Lots of love xxx

Disclaimer : These are all products I genuinely love and purchase with my own money :-) this isn't a sponsored post and I receive no payment for mentioning the products shown

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