Tuesday 16 September 2014


When it comes to friendships I believe in a case of quality over quantity. We may have hundreds in some cases thousands of friends on Facebook. How many of those would you actually want to go for a drink with? Or invite around your house? Like seriously how many do you even talk to?

I can safely say I can count my true friends on one hand. Ok there's always someone around the city I live to hang around with, I'm not short of invites for night outs, but true best friends ? I've had the same ones since school. ( and believe me I was hardly even at school )

Best friends are the ones that have seen you at your absolute worst. Seen you drunk ,crying, when your hair's not done, you've no make up on, your house is a tip and you're being a bitch for no reason. There the ones that even after all that still wanna hang out with you.

I've made a list of qualities needed in a group of best friends ( or at least I need in my group ) Like why would you even have friends without these qualities ?

Someone needs to be the organiser of the group
you need someone who genuinely doesn't mind being the hostess
At least one friend needs to live near the nightlife and provide a base for girls nights out.
No point being shy ( true best friends are way past this ) discussing sex toys, bodily functions and embarrassing stories, these are the friends to have those conversations with.
These people understand I'm only going to pay for what I eat / drink ..NO I don't want to split the bill equally, I had a coke you had alcohol
Saying that, these are the only people I don't mind lending money to, or buying things for because they do the same and it all works out in the end 
Everyone needs that friend who says it like it is
Honest friends are a must there can't be any 'why did you let me out the house dressed like that?' moments... Being drunk or in a rush is no excuse for letting your friend look like shit
These friends must be 100% supportive on everything from major life decisions to the bitching of your shit friend they've never met....  'yes she is a pretty shit friend"'
Best friends should love you for just being you ... As I said earlier if they've seen you at your worst and still wanna be friends, your probably good.

I dedicate this post to my 3 best friends 

Lots of love

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