Wednesday 24 September 2014

Nail Love for Barry M

I'm a level 2 qualified nail tech, It's a true beauty passion of mine. I love long natural polished nails. Gel polishes and salon done shellac being my absolute favourite. I tend not to get fake extensions done: Although occasionally I will get an overlay.

Barry M cosmetics, nail polishes are my favourite, high street / drugstore brand. O.P.I and shellac polishes are my favourite Proffesional or salon brands.

Some of my Barry M collection ^^

As I said earlier Barry M are my favourite affordable for everyone brand. Usually priced around £3-5 and often on offer in places such as superdrug. They're exceptional value for money. The formula is of a high quality, the application is easy and non streaky and the colour variety is exceptional aswell as the selection of finishes and effects, ie, silk, matte, glitter, texture, hi shine gel etc etc.

I'd recommend a base and topcoat ( also avaliable in the range ) to avoid staining and to extend the life of your nail polish, the reduction of chipping.

This evening I've been trying out an all matte finished look. Which if I'm honest isn't a look I tend to go for. 
Check it out ....

Matte Black 'Expresso' with a Matte Pink 'Miami' accent nail.

What do you think?

It's certainly a little different from my normal hi shine gel effect looks, but I like it.

Are you a fan of Matte effect nails?
And what's your favourite nail polish brand? Do you love Barry M as much as me?

Let me know lovelys


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  1. Love this post, im obsessed with nails and polish, i dont have many barry m polishes but ive certainly been looking at them lately x


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