Wednesday 25 March 2015

What's on my iPhone ??

So ,I'm actually waiting for my new iPhone to arrive so I'm currently using the iPhone 5 with a rather sorry looking screen with a dodgy speaker. However the principals the same I'm gonna no doubt have the same music / apps on my 6plus as I do now.

I'm just a nosy person, I think, like a lot of people. What's in my bag? What's on my phone? Etc etc type posts just interest me, maybe it's a fear someone might have something I don't or that I'm missing out on something. Who knows? Whatever.

So without further adue here are my top 10 Apps and my 10 fave tunes of the moment.

Yep that pretty much sums it up nicely

Google +

Also in my top 10 

Buzzfeed App 
Criminal Case 

All of these are pretty firm faves that I couldn't imagine not using, with the exception of Criminal Case a detective game. Games are something I change pretty often. I get bored easy, before this I was obsessed with the frozen free fall game. If you can reccomend a good one let me know :-)

Onto music.....

I'm permenantly attached to my headphones. I love music and have it playing constantly. I guess I have a varied music taste but here's what I'm loving lately.

These are 7 of the latest songs I've purchased as you can probably guess I'm loving Meghan Trainor lately... I get a tame Lilly Allen kinda vibe from her plus her songs are just ridiculously catchy and kinda clever.

'Take me to church' wasn't a song I liked originally, it's been kinda over played yet it's grown on me.

I may be the only twenty something singleton female to have not seen 50 shades of grey, but I'm enjoying a few of the songs from the film. Ellie Goulding and The Weekends 'You earned it' have spent a good while on repeat.

Last but not least... As the weather starts to warm up (helloooo spring!!) I feel the need for a good dance tune, it makes me excited for summer fun in the sun (rain this is Cornwall).

What's on your phone??
Let me know 


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