Saturday 14 June 2014

Me :)

Hi, I'm Charlotte...
I've tried this blogging thing before and always failed miserably. I guess its because I've never been consistent with posts ,mainly because I feel I don't have anything worth posting about plus i get distracted easily, other things come along and I forget what I was meant to be doing.
Lately I've lost count of the times people tell me 'oh you should write about that' or asked if i have a blog they can follow, so here I am.... again...

I'm 23 years old and have lived with Fibromyalgia / Chronic fatigue since I was 15.... I've learnt alot through my illness and I feel like I'm forever answering questions about it or offering advice to someone newly diagnosed.

So here I'm gonna be writing about my life, what I'm up to, some recipes, tips and tricks to do with anything and everything, along with some funny thoughts and random bits for you to enjoy.

You can follow me on Twitter @missclx
oh and Instagram @missclx

lots of love xxx

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