Saturday 21 February 2015

Eastenders Live Week Opinion

As everyone in the country knows, Lucy's killer has finally been unmasked.... Were you suprised?

Personally I kind of feel it was a let down. Bobby was never lined up as a suspect although as soon as the nation worked out Jane it became pretty obvious who she was covering for.

The acting was amazing throughout the week despite the Twitter chaos caused by Jake Woods (Max Branning) and Jo Joyner (Tanya) You /who, "How's Adam?" Well at least you knew it was live right?

Adam woodyatt and Laurie Brett were the standout cast members of the week. Friday's heart wrenching performance was 100% live and performed  exceptionally. After this week I think we've all seen exactly why Adams been the soaps longest actor.

The weeks been action packed. Nicks body was found in a scene exactly the same as Reg Cox's body was discovered 30 years ago. Dots been arrested. Kim gave birth.Dean may or may not also be dead, Ronnie woke up and of course Eastenders biggest kept secret (apart from the killer) is the return of Kathy (she's actually meant to be dead).

As engrossing as the serious drama was, sometimes the Internet had more important things to talk about.

Credit : Lad Bible Twitter feed

What will happen next? Are they right to cover up how Lucy died? Or is Bobby an up and coming serial killer without even knowing?

We haven't heard the last of this yet.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. 

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