Monday 4 July 2016

3 things bloggers want you to know

Blogging as a hobby and even a career seems to be a bigger thing each and every day.

99% of the time the blogger community is supportive and friendly. However sometimes people come along that tend to rub everyone up the wrong way..

So wether you're looking to get your foot through the door of the blogging world or you're just an avid blog follower.

Here's three things myself (and probably some others) want you to know.

1) If you want to take up blogging or are already doing so, just for freebies and/ or money. You make everyone look bad. Sending emails to brands practically DEMANDING freebies is not only extremely rude, it puts them off working with other bloggers.

2) On the subject of money, don't message asking how I make money of my blog and how you want to do the same. My situation is mainly a lot of hard work and a bit of luck. Lately I've had a lot of these, weirdly by people who haven't even written a single blog post and expect a pay check from typing the first word.

3)Actually Blogging is a "proper job" it's so insulting when you imply I don't actually do any work. I'm sure many others will agree with me. Imagine if I
turned up at your job and did the same.

This was just a quick post but I hope you enjoyed it. I didn't wanna fall down a deep hole on this subject. I could probably go on.

Anything you wanna add ?

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