Friday 11 November 2016

Top Tips to get your blogging mojo back

In the competitive world of blogging, it's easy to feel inadequate, 95% of the community are friendly and supportive yet 5% would happily throw all morals and friends out the window for a freebie and some views.

(Not exact figures)

However from time to time it can become all to easy to feel like an outsider, uninspired and unmotivated. Infact are you even a 'real blogger' if you haven't felt that way ?

(I hate the term real blogger but that's a different post)

So from my own experience I thought I'd create a little top tips piece full of ideas to get yourself back to blogging your heart out.

  • Read. Wether it's old blog posts, posts from blogger friends, or some books by a total boss babe just read !! I'm currently reading #Girlboss and Girlcode. Both are books that remind me anything can be achieved with hard work. Success is possible.

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  • Don't force yourself. I think sometimes it can be obvious there's no real passion or desire in a post. Or that your writing about something just because you feel you should...

  • Be honest. Like I said above, don't force a post, but how about writing one explaining what's going on? A post explaining why you don't feel like posting, what's been going on in life? I'm sure so many people will relate. Your brave post may inspire others to be rave and speak there mind too.

  • On the other side to the above tips. If you have a post idea. Write it down and type it up asap. If there's ever a time you lose motivation or life gets in the way, you've got a few draft posts tucked away. Just hit publish.

  • If all else fails, just remember blogging isn't the be all and end all. Your health and happiness is what's most important. If you need a break you need a break and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Hope this has helped someone.

Any tips you wish to share?

Tell me on social media or hit up the comments below

Lots of love




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