Tuesday 18 November 2014

It's a spoonie tag

Hey lovelys this is, as the title suggests, a #spoonie related post, chronic illness etc.

Currently I'm attempting to get comfy in my hospital bed. It seemed like the ideal opportunity to blog (thankyou blogger app). I've seen quite a few of these spoonie / illness questionnaires knocking about on tumblr etc but not felt overly ok with the questions, too personal maybe? 

So without further adue this is my own version.

1) Would you describe yourself as a spoonie? - yes I think the term spoonie is a great help in describing the impact of chronic illnesses and can create a sense of community.

2) what would your one bit off advice be to someone perhaps only just being diagnosed? - There's going to be good days and bad days, don't let the bad ones get you down, a good day is waiting right around the corner.

3) Your 5 spoonie essentials? - kindle, iPhone, headphones, netflix, Lucozade

4) Favourite film to cuddle up and watch on a bad day? - Beauty and the Beast :-) ... Any disney or laugh out loud comedy.

5) A feel good song you love? Taylor Swift - Welcome to New York

6) 3 facts about you ? (Not illness related) I collect Rubber Ducks, I love tattoos, I'm a vegetarian.

7) If you had to give £1000 to charity, what charity would it be? The FibroDuck Foundation. ( Google them )

8) A hobby you enjoy? Blogging

9) One wish? To be happy

10) A quote to live by? 

Let's get to know eachother, share your answers with me in the comments or on twitter using the hashtag #SpoonieTag

Love Charlotte

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