Wednesday 12 November 2014

The Pressure of Social Media / Feeling Broody

It's approximately 7am and oh my god are my ovaries tingling, just kidding,but on a serious note my soon to be sister in law gave birth to a beautiful little boy a few hours ago... and wow isn't life just amazing?

The above meme statement couldn't be any more relevant to my life than it is right now. Literally half my friends (and my younger brother) are happily settled and popping out kids like there's no tomorrow, which is fine, of course, it's their lives and I'm happy for them.

Then there's me, I lose my phone on a regular basis, go out and drink far to much, prioritise make up and beauty related items over food, then wonder what I spent all my money on... Seriously where does it go ??

^^ that's where it goes

I haven't met that special someone and in no way am ready to give up my own life in order to bring another one in to the world. Yet sometimes (I hope I'm not the only one to feel this way) I feel somewhat, left behind, like I should have it all figured out by now, or at the very least have some sort of plan. Where's Mr Right? Am I going to be forty and fabulous before I meet someone and get down to baby making?

Our generation is the most open minded and accepting of allowing people to be whatever they want to be, yet through social media we seem to live in an era of ongoing competition. Everybody needs to brag about the amazing party they went to, the perfect relationship they're in, the new phone they bought.

At the age of 24 I flick through my newsfeed and feel inadequate. I don't seem to fit in.

But.....If that parties so amazing, that meal out was so delicious etc why are you on the internet boasting about it instead of enjoying the moment?

^^ a cheeky drink and dancing sesh

I'm slowly learning not to judge myself by the standards of others. To stop comparing myself.... Auntie cuddles are the best and I can return him when he cries.

Any other proud aunties?


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