Wednesday 28 January 2015

A wish list :)

I know its vain and superficial but anyone who says they don't have a wish list of items they want to own is quite honestly a liar. It's coming to the end of January, so I've had some time to think about things I want to achieve this year and of course the things I'd like to buy. Here are 5 of the bits and bobs I hope to own by 31st December 2015,

1) Girl Online
This book written buy Zoe Sugg aka Zoella has taken the internet by storm, with nothing but positive reviews. An inspiration to many young girls and bloggers alike, I know that this will most likely be the first thing I purchase (as its one of the cheapest)

2) Michael Kors bag
I absolutely adore Ted Baker bags and for a long time have found nothing that quite comes close. That is until I found Michael Kors Jet Set totes. Unfortunately they're a little pricey so I don't own one as of yet, but I'm sure when I do it'll be love.

3) Nike Wedge Sneakers
Wedge Trainers/sneakers are quite honestly one of the greatest inventions around, especially for a short girl like myself. I've owned various pairs by a selection of brands, but not a pair by Nike. Any sneaker fan or fitness addict will tell you Nikes where it's at. I need these in my life.

4) Pandora
I'm a bit of a charm addict. Pandora Jewellery is high quality at an affordable price with a huge product range. I already own 2 bracelets, both filled with sentimental charms that really reflect mt personality and remind me of good times. Lately I've started buying a few rings here and there, because they're stackable it's easy to really create your own look by wearing as many or as few as you like.

^^ My latest purchase ( photo my own )

5) A new home. I realise I will never be able to afford to own, but really this year I'd love to find somewhere long term, somewhere to call my own as much as possible. I've moved around a bit over the last year and I hate the feeling of not being settled.
I Just want somewhere I can decorate and be proud to show off. My own space to unwind in.

What are your must haves for 2015?
Do you have a wish list ?

Love Charlotte

(unless otherwise stated all images in this post are from google image search)

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