Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year !! Tag

Happy New Year lovely people !!

Its the perfect time what with it being the first of January and all to take a quick look back at 2014 and the best way to do that I've decided, is by answering some random tag type questions I found on the internet .... Yay internet

anyhu..Lets go

What was the best thing that happened in 2014?

 I started my blog about half way through the year and despite some of the less than nice comments I get, It was definitely the best thing I did. I've got talking to a whole new range of people and I actually have something to focus on.

What was the Most challenging thing that happened?

My health has always been a challenge and 2014 was no different in that aspect, it certainly had its ups and downs.

What was an unexpected joy?

2014 was the year of the nephews. I mean I knew they were happening they didn't pop out of nowhere, but they certainly both added joy to the year. One born in January and the other in November.

An unexpected obstacle?

Again this is health related, although my health has been a challenge for a long time some things were just unexpected.

3 Words to describe 2014?

Stressful, Life changing but happy

Best book you read?

The fault in our stars. I know the movie's out but I don't think I'll bother with it to be honest. I find watching a movie after you've read the book tends to ruin the image you already built in your imagination.

Favourite film?

This isn't a 2014 favourite, just a life favourite. Beauty and the Beast. My dad and his other half were nice enough to get me a copy of the DVD for christmas and it was the best gift ever. I'm not sure why I didn't own it before.

Biggest Lesson learnt?

Some things you just can't change. If you can't do anything about it, there's really no point in stressing over it.

Any New Years resolutions?

I'm not a great believer in new years resolutions, not only because I know I'd fail miserably but because I think if you're going to make changes in your life you should do it because you want to, not because it's the first of January.

What are you excited for in 2015?

There's not anything in particular I'm looking forward to. I'm just happy to go with the flow and see what this year has in store.

I hope everybody had a great New Years Eve doing what ever you did. Wishing you all an amazing 2015

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