Tuesday 7 June 2016

Who fancies cake?

A couple of years ago I accidentally fell in to blogging. I had no idea what I'd really got myself into, I just knew I loved to write.
Now a days blogging is my full time job and I've been a very lucky girl to be sent some amazing products for review purposes. The latest of which to pop through the letter box was a cake. Yes you heard me a cake delivered right through my door, right next to my credit card bill.

Ok so I better explain the meaning behind this super cute cake. Long story short, some of you may know I moved in with my grandparents last year because of health issues and one of the biggest bug bares is that due to my epilepsy I can't really cook for myself or make a cup of tea.
Everytime I want one someone else has to make it. My Nan bless her must get sick of it 10 times a day. Anyway this cake was just a cute way of asking as well as a thankyou.

BakerDays had an amazing choice of pre designed cakes alongside options to create your own (which is what I did).
Not forgetting a great selection of flavours, including gluten and dairy free all available in various sizes including cupcakes. I went with a vanilla sponge and it was super yummy. We managed to make it last two weeks (mainly because we had other stuff on the go nearer the use by date). Baker days claim their products stay fresh for up to fourteen days, and they weren't lying, this was just as delicious on the last bite as the first.

However gets be honest it's cake why would you leave it two weeks? Who are you and why are you reading this if you don't like cake?

Go check out Bakerdays website and follow them on social media for more info and super awesome foodie pics


Enjoy and let me know what you get ?


Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. However I was sent the product for review purposes. All opinions are my own and in no way was I influenced bu the company.

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