Tuesday 25 October 2016

A Chanel Dupe ? and discount code

Bags. Bags and shoes are two items that I like to think of as investment pieces. I very much think they're both worth spending that little extra on just to assure you're getting that high quality you need, in order for them to survive a busy lifestyle.

Designer bags are becoming a little more accessible / affordable to the masses. I swear everybody in my town has a Micheal Kors bag but me. Of course it could be maybe people are just willing to pay more these days, in order to flash a name.

Don't get me wrong I love my brands. Real talk would I buy a pair of five pound trainers rather than a fresh pair of Nikes? Probably not.

Would I spend two thousand plus pounds on a Chanel bag? Haha like I have that sort of money..
Thankfully though I do have www.boutiqueofmolly.com and a discount code.
Well it's kinda close.. Take a look for yourself.

This is the "Budapest' bag and I'm sure all you avid fashionistas can spot the similarities between this and the classic Chanel Quilted Flap.
I showed it briefly in a YouTube video. The quality is so much better than I would of ever imagined. The colour is just beautiful, especially for this time of year and the best part? It's only £25 !! So no need to feel guilty or like the worlds ending for getting the smallest scratch on it.

It's practically a dupe and lets be honest who doesn't love a good dupe? Designer style on a high street budget, Yes please.
It just has that luxorious look and feel.

I strongly suggest going and checking out the bags on their website. I'm sure you'll spot a few iconic designer inspired beauties along with their matching purses. Not only are the actual products impressive, shipping and customer service are top knotch.

Why not check it out?? You can get anything site wide for 20% off using my code CLX20

Let me know what you think.

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*All opinions on this product are mine and mine only. I was not paid or influenced in any way by the company for this review.

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