Wednesday 27 August 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

Unless you've been living under a rock ( or at least without the internet ) you'll of no doubt seen and heard of people taking part in the Ice bucket challenge. Originally intended to raise awareness and encourage monetary donations in the name of ALS, a serious motor neurone disease, the challenge of pouring ice cold water on oneself has gone viral. A ton of money's been raised and some of the videos are quite honestly hilarious.

I think donating to charity is great. There are so many charities out there doing amazing work, that don't get nearly enough recognition or support, but why does it take a 'challenge' and what's in effect just peer pressure for people to donate? 

The same thing happened a few months ago with 'no makeup selfies' being posted in aid of cancer research.

So many people have jumped on the bandwagon with the ice bucket challenge, making entertaining videos to stick up on Facebook and Twitter but forgetting the reason behind it.

I encourage everybody to research ALS before taking part...Did you know the reason behind ice water being used is that ALS affects the nerves ? and a common symptom of the condition is feeling as though your body is cold and frozen ? Like ice?.....

You can get more information and donate  here ------>.

I've decided not to take part in the challenge, not because I'm a spoil sport or I don't think it's a worth while cause. I just feel that there are other charities and causes closer to my heart that I'd rather give my money too

For example : The FibroDuck Foundation. 
Fibromyalgia affects me on a day to day basis. The FibroDuck foundation raises money into research and helps connect those suffering with others in the same boat. Just like ALS charities it doesn't get near enough spotlight. 

My brother though,did join in and donate ... Check out his ice bucket challenge vid below ..

Remember you don't have to throw water on yourself to give to charity ( but it is entertaining ). 

Lots of love xxx

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