Wednesday 13 August 2014

Mental Illness

This week the world lost Robin Willians (R.I.P) a beloved actor and comedian. After years of struggling with depression /  addiction, it had all become to much and he commited suicide.

If there's anything to learn from this, it's that mental illness doesn't care who you are, how much money you make, your background, it can ( and does ) affect anyone.

I've read many articles published about his death and some of the comments people are posting in regard to it are absolutely shocking. 'What on earth did he have to be depressed about?' 'What a coward' etc.

Depression is a debilitating condition that affects so many around the world. The stigma around it ( and other mental health issues ) needs to be abolished. You wouldn't avoid talking about a broken bone or seeking treatment for a physical and visible condition. Why is Mental illness still such a taboo subject?

When I was 15 I developed an eating disorder. I regularly self harmed and took overdoses, eventually at the age of 17 I was sectioned under the mental health act and admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. It was a long battle but I'm proud to say I made a full recovery. 

That's why I know people can recover. I've been there and done it :-)

In 2011 I lost my best friend to suicide. I was heartbroken, she'd tried for years to try and beat her demons but in the end she just couldn't do it any longer. 

It hurts knowing my friend, just like Robin Williams felt that suicide was the only way out.

- R.i.p babe ^ love always xx

If you're struggling, remember you're never alone, help is out there. Like I said before recovery IS possible and life is certainly worth hanging on to, even if you can't see that right now.

Talk to you're GP, call the Samaritans, write you're feelings down, don't suffer alone. Depression, just like any other illness can be treated. If you know someone dealing with depression, encourage them to seek help, offer a quick chat or shoulder to cry on. Sometimes the simplist things make a huge difference.

Lots of love Charlotte xx

- The 3 best friends a girl could ask for , 7 years going strong, through the good and the bad <3 xx

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