Sunday 12 October 2014

Hair Extensions - Review / Opinion

I've always been a little obsessed with my hair, continually changing it all colours of the rainbow since the age of 15, I'm only now beginning to appreciate it au natural.

I think I'm a pretty typical girl in that I always want what I don't have. When it's long I get the urge to cut it all off, yet when it's short I want it long enough to style and play with.

I had pretty long hair anyway at the point I started researching extensions, but health problems had caused it to thin in places and it was just looking a bit of a mess. A bit of a confidence downer if I'm honest.

I looked into the different methods, read reviews, pros & cons and of course the price. Hair extensions are EXPENSIVE !! The price was a big deal to me, I understand you get what you pay for, but I just couldn't afford or justify the £400 -£500 price tag some places were charging.

Then I came across Strawberry Blondes in Hayle ... You can link to their Facebook here.

Offering affordable taped in human hair extensions , it was finally looking like long hair wasn't going to bankrupt me. I'd heard lots of positive things about both the salon and the method of having extensions taped in.  I loved looking through their daily photos ( seriously check them out ). After having an initial consultation to discuss what I wanted and paying the required deposit I literally counted down the days. It may as well have been Christmas.

Entering the salon on the day, everybody was lovely and friendly. The girls honestly couldn't have been any nicer, after a quick wash of my hair the extensions went in super quick, I barely noticed we were done as we were constantly chatting away, plus there was wifi hehe

^^ finished look

The final price was £180 broken down into the £50 deposit paid at the consultation and £130 on the day.

I was talked through the best aftercare and given it all typed up so I didn't forget.

They'll need maintenance ie taking out and redone in 5-6 weeks and I believe that was only £50 including a wash and being dried / styled.

I've had them in approx 2 weeks and I already can't imagine life without them. I've had so many compliments, the hair looks natural, is of high quality and comfortable to wear.

I'd definitely recommend having extensions taped in. I had worn clip ins in the past but certainly prefer them taped in.

If you're in Cornwall ( or near enough to travel ) then I'd of course recommend going to Strawberry Blondes Hayle.

Do you wear extensions? Would love to hear from you

Love Charlotte


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