Monday 20 October 2014

Sickness in fashion

^ so this happened.....

I in no way want or mean for the following to come across as a brag or childish 'my pains worse than yours' kinda thing.

Just like millions around the world I have health issues...I'm not gonna make out as if I'm suffering or struggling worse than I am, but then again there are far less painful and stressful problems that I'd prefer to have.

It's strange that said conversation (as above) even occurred as it was only recently I discussed with a friend the popularity or over use of certain diagnosis'. 

Depression and Fibromyalgia are two illnesses that seem to be everywhere at the moment. Literally in the area I'm from people seem to catch it like the common cold.

A nurse told me that every other female she see's apparently suffers from fibro and while ( as a sufferer myself ) I appreciate it's a very misunderstood illness, by both medical staff and the public. I feel it seems to have become a kind of cop out diagnosis for when doctors don't have a clue or something people say they have when actually they haven't been formally diagnosed and Infact just have a bad back ache.

When I was in the process of being diagnosed I had the standard Tender point Test done repeatedly, ( a score of 11 or more out of 18 could indicate fibro ) bloodwork, X-rays, ultrasounds, all before receiving the final verdict. However I've noticed very few people who also suffer have had a tender point test, despite it being A) standard and B) one of the biggest indicators of the illness, along with pain being constant and persistent for 3 months or more.

Like I said at the beginning this isn't a my pain is worse than yours post. I just feel like the over use of a diagnosis kind of undermines the seriousness. I have no doubt that everyone saying they have fibro has pain. But does everyone saying they're in pain have fibro?

Similar to when I hear people throw around the words depressed and depression. 
"When I lost my phone I was so depressed" "When my ex and I ended I was depressed for days"
I don't doubt you were sad and upset, but depressed? 
Depression is a serious mental health issue, it ruins lives and affects every waking moment of this suffering. It's not something I like to hear down played or joked about.

I'd love to hear other people thoughts, 

Let me know 

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