Sunday 26 October 2014

Preparing for a cheaper Xmas

This topic is one that I've seen being talked about quite alot lately... I'm gonna assume its because now it's officially the run up to , dare I say it, Christmas , eeeeek.

It's better to try and plan in advance. I have a large family, 17 people to buy for is quite a few, never mind any other randoms that may suddenly appear requiring a present. It's a big stretch on Decembers pay check alone.

Here are my tips for a cheaper festive season....

1) Little ones tend to enjoy the opening of presents more than whatever the gift may be. A few more smaller cheaper items may be a better way to go.

2) Use loyalty cards, I'm a big fan of the nectar card personally. You can build up points quickly and easily shopping at hundreds of different stores online...lots of stores offer double or triple points.. get your Christmas presents then spend the points on the big food shop at your local sainsburys.

3) Make a pact, or do a secret Santa, ...of course I'll buy all the children something but the adults? I'd rather contribute some alcohol towards the day. We're all adults, no point wasting money on silly things that won't get used.

4) I love Christmas but I hate late night shopping. To me it's just wasted money. It's too busy to get into the stores, and you end up paying to go on rides and buying food from those quirky stalls that pop up. The atmospheres nice but I intend to skip the whole thing and save some cash,

5) Give the real tree a miss, they're pretty but also pretty expensive, £70-80, fake trees last year after year, less chance of the dog accidentally weeing on it and none of the 'will it fit?' Needles dropping everywhere drama.

6) It's party season, but unless you're going to be seeing the exact same people at each one you go to, you really don't need to buy a new outfit each time. Switch up the same dress with different accessories and wah la !! Everyone has a little black dress don't they?

7) Plan ahead, try not to leave everything until last minute, organisation is key, make lists of who to buy for, what your getting, food you need etc 

8) If the options there try and get some extra hours at work. Extra money never hurts, sell old clothes , mobile phones, DVDs.

9) Avoid taking out extra credit cards, loans ( especially payday loans ) they mean an extra bit for Christmas but you have to pay then back. A never ending cycle you don't want to start, getting yourself into debt isn't worth a few extra prezzies.

10) Stick to your budget

Remember, the real meaning of Christmas isn't presents, it's about being with family and loved ones.

Any tips for a cheaper festive season?

love Charlotte 

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